We have created “World Mental Health Day Live” to raise awareness on mental health and create conversation around mental illness.

World Mental Health Day Will take place on Thursday 10th October.
It is a day, each year that people come together to raise awareness of mental health in a variety of different ways.

“World Mental Health Day Live” aims to bring people together across the world by live streaming as many different speaking and awareness events to this website for everyone to see and be involved with as well as doing some web casts on the day too.

This online event really aims to literally bring the world of mental health to one place on World Mental health day to offer hope, inspiration and share knowledge from all over the world and you can be involved!

We are looking for people to be involved as part of the live streaming and web casts but also blogs, vlogs and podcasts!
If you can be involved in some other way not mentioned then also get in touch!

We want to hear from anyone passionate about mental health that can contribute in some way to this event to bring people together worldwide to showcase some amazing awareness events, speakers and advocates that you may not otherwise know of to raise as much awareness as we possibly can.

If you would like to be involved don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you would like to be involved but are not sure how you can contribute then please get in touch anyway as we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us via this website and you can also find us on twitter under @mental_live

We hope to have as many of you involved as possible, so get in touch and here’s to creating something amazing this World Mental Health Day!

Katie Houghton

Images above have been created by @RecoveryRaquel